MPL App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2023

MPL App 2023 – Do you know MPL App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2023? In today’s era everyone wants to earn money. If you use a smartphone then you can also earn money. Nowadays many such games have come through which money can be earned. In today’s post, we will tell about one such fun game from which you can earn money online. And the better you play this game, the more you can earn.

If you are fond of playing games, then you can easily earn money in free time by playing any game. The name of this game is MPL Games. In this game, you will find different types of games and competition among all the people. And if you come in the rank then you will get money.

Below I am telling about some important way to earn money from MPL Games. So let’s know in detail MPL App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2023

MPL App 2023

MPL Kya Hai ?

MPL (Mobile Premier league), popularly known as MPL. It is an online gaming platform which includes many games, quizzes, virtual sports and many more. This Gaming App really gives Cash Prizes (money) for playing your Favorite Mobile Games.

MPL App includes more than 40 popular games played by a lot of gamers from different corners of the world. Games include the following Categories; Adventure, Action, Sports Games and many other categories.

The MPL app includes games like Rummy, Poker, Chess, Ludo, Carrom, Football, Cricket and Kabaddi, PUBG and many more. To win the exciting game a player just has to play online games and stand in the leader board.

In this, a player (user) also gets a Referral Bonus for every player who joins through his Referral Link.

MPL Ka Full Form Kya Hai?

The full form of MPL is Mobile Premier League.

MPL Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

To get started with the game, first of all download the app from its official website. You can also download this app from Google Play Store.

Once you have downloaded the game, select the game you want to play in MPL. No matter in which you can win. Poker, Chess, Ludo, Carom, Football, Cricket and Kabaddi are just a list of games in PUBG MPL.

When it comes to earning money, the better your ranking here, the more money you will be able to earn. Here a Token is required to play any game. It is mandatory to have at least 5 Tokens to play any game. If you download this app from the Referral Link shared by someone then all of you will get 20 Token, using which you can earn money by playing any Games.

There is also a Game Tournament for you to get more tokens. You can collect a lot of Tokens by participating in it. Compete with other players in matches, join a tournament or register yourself for another tournament. When both the players invest their money in the game, then the money gets deposited in the wallet of the player who wins that game.

Then you can transfer the money from Wallet to your Paytm or Direct Bank Account.

If you want to get more Token then you can easily get Token by referring your referral link with your friends. As many people will click on your Referral Link, you will get about 50 tokens on one click.

On the homepage of the MPL App, look for the Wallet Icon at the top-right corner. Select it, scroll down to “Total Cash balance” and select the option “add more”, from here you can add money to your wallet. Here Paytm, Credit Cards, Debit Cards Net Banking of 50 banks are included. When it comes to withdrawing money, you can transfer money to your account with these payment methods.

Highest paying games in MPL

You can earn money from MPL by playing the game given below.

Ludo Se Paisa Kamaye

Along with playing Ludo on MPL, you can also win cash. You will get Rs.50 on a Referral link. You will also get money by playing Ludo online. You can transfer that money to your account.

Football Se Paisa Kamaye

In MPL Football also you have to create your own team in which you can select players as per your wish. There are many championships in this, in which you can earn real money by joining.

MPL Par Cricket Se Paisa Kamaye

Take Your Pick from the List of Matches on the MPL Cricket Page Use the 100 Available Credits to Select Your Team. Select from your skills and use your knowledge and analysis to select the best combination of players from both the teams.

MPL provides both Cash Contests and Free Contests for Practice. Choose a Contest that suits your Budget and Play Cricket in MPL to Earn Real Cash!

Follow the match for updates and keep an eye on how the players of your team are performing. Check the leader board after the match to see your position.

Your winning amount will be shown after the match. Transfer it to your Paytm or account.


Q1.When can I withdraw money from MPL APP?

If you get 5 or more money in MPL app, then you can take it in your Paytm account.

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