Would you like even better food? Look for a convection toaster. These models have a fan (or two) inside that moves  hot air. As a result, food cooks faster and is crispier.

If you have an electric kettle, you can save  time and money by investing in an electric kettle. Not only does an electric kettle boil water much faster than an electric stovetop burner, it is also much more energy efficient.

Most modern microwave ovens are much more efficient than using an electric burner or oven. Look for an Energy Star certified model for greater efficiency.

Anyone who makes rice once a week or more will likely benefit from a basic rice cooker. They are generally  much more energy efficient than an electric range

Bread machine also help with your electricity bill. Most breads can be baked for an hour or more, which uses a lot of electricity in a typical oven. A bread machine is much more efficient.

A good fan is invaluable when the weather warms up. If you live somewhere with only a few hot days a year, a fan or two can mean you don't have to worry about air conditioning.

This is another small appliance that will come in handy anywhere. For warmer winters, a good electric blanket can mean leaving your heating completely off. Just turn it on for a few minutes to warm up.

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