Drivers warned of £1,000 penalty for doing common fuel-saving hack

The Highway code defines coasting as driving in neutral or with the clutch down. This strategy reduces driving control, hence drivers are advised against it.

Coasting eliminates engine braking. which may increase downhill speed. Due to excessive usage, the footbrake may loose efficacy. Steering responsiveness will be reduced, espacially on curves and turns.

Selecting the right gear may be harder. After her neighbour continued parking in her slot, she towed hi vehicle.

The couple moved into a building with "additional cost" parking spots. unfortunately, a neighbour parked in the area they'd paid for.

Improper vehicle control may result in a £1,000 fine or disqualification. if driving a bus, coach, or HGV, the Punishment is £2,500.

Motorists are cautioned against car damage. consistent coasting causes brake wear. in neutral, the engine brakes disengage, increasing reliance on the mechanical brakes.

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