Investing Could Turn Your $20,000 Into $350,000

Looking to transform some money into a lot later? you probably are You're searching in the correct spot the stock market is one of the few ways to acquire large wealth in a lifetime, even with little.

Let's use the S&P 500 as a proxy for the overall stock market for simplicty. individul stocks may lead to riches, but it's simpler - and frequently just as productive - to invest in the S&P 500.

One is how your investment is handled. Any profits should be reinvested immediately. Dividends, too.

Compounding this technique assure you have as much money working for you as long and as frequently as possible because you earn future rewards on earlier gains and not just on your original principle.

Look at the $20,000 investment's progress chart . half of the $330,000 net gain came in the last seven years. if you invested $20,000 for 23 years, you'd have little over $160,000

That's big difference if you nest egg funds most of your retirement. This indicates you should invest early in life.

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