Lana Rhoades About Which NBA Player Is Her Sons Father.

As people continue to conjecture which NBA star is the father of her child, Lana Rhoades has attecked the father of her child.

Her son, Milo, was born in early 2022. The former adult film star and influencer originally revealed that she was expecting back in june 2021

After uploading a since-deleted photo of a sonogram next to some flowers with the caption : "This is the news."

Fans still don't know who her son's father is or what his name is, though. who is baby father, Lana rhoades?

Although Rhoades has never officially identified Milo's father, hints have led some fans to speculate that it may be Tristan Thompson, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Rhoades' ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak

Majlak, who had a long-term relationship with Rhoades untill their breakup in February 2021, has said that he is not the father.

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